Many Days Later – Flockham Sisby

It has been a long while since I posted on Forget the Rules. But as life regained a new normal following my recovery from bladder cancer, it seemed repetitive just to describe the routine of daily life.

Of course, there are still occasions when things appear to be not as they should.  But for these times I have the ongoing support and advice of the wonderful surgeons and nurses of University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.

Recently, however, I have been thinking of other aspects of life where the rules are superfluous or serve to hold back the creative force.

In this spirit, my first post back on my blog highlights the music of my good friend Flockham Sisby. So just who is Flockham Sisby? Well I can tell you right now. Flockham is like his music; unconventional and generous hearted with a taste for the unknown.

This piece from the enigmatic artist is a superb ambient composition, reminiscent of the great Brian Eno. Spacious and expansive it draws you into a landscape which is unique, yet somehow familiar. The Stillness at Annstead Sands from Etruscan Rabbit Syndrome.