Day 148

There comes a point, in fact many points, where you just have to get on with things.  I have now reached one such point and it is time to think about travelling back into the office to work. There will never be a right time to do this and I need to just get on and do it.

As a Civic Republican I often think about the nature of our freedom and threats to it. Likewise the balance between our rights and responsibilities as citizens. So the issue of Police Stop and search powers in today’s news is a tricky one. The problem is the suggestion that the need for the police to have reasonable suspicion that a weapon is being carried should be relaxed. There is clearly a danger that individual officers could target certain individuals with impunity and there are particularly sensitive racial issues.

Unchallenged domination by the state or its agents over individuals and groups is called Imperium and is one of the two dangers to our freedom we face in society.  The other is between private individuals and groups and is called Dominum. We must be constantly on the alert for both types of domination and call it out when we detect it.