Day 147

With my renewed freedom I drive myself into Rugby for a haircut – it was last cut the day before my operation! While chatting to the barber I find that he is completely unaware of the Green Party despite having a good knowledge of attempts to repair the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!

I decide that while I am out I will pop down to Halfords to pick up some electrical bits and pieces for my model railway.

In the evening Lesley and myself travel up to the Green Party AGM. In some senses it is a distraction as now is the time for action and not bureaucracy. Nevertheless I still propose changes to our local party constitution which are largely accepted. But a real morale boost came with one of our members stepping up to an officer role.

There is a news report that the Water Cannon bought by Boris Johnson for over £300,000 are being sold for £11,000. The fact that they were illegal on at least two counts when he bought them makes the expenditure an irresponsible waste of public money.

Here is a real problem with democracy. If a politician does not (or cannot) seek re-election then the electorate cannot ‘punish’ him or her by voting for an opponent. What we need is some kind of accountability, maybe in the form of a citizen’s panel for retiring politicians.