Day 146

Someone online has spotted that there is such a word as ‘betrump’! Apparently it is an archaic word which has fallen into disuse for a very long time (some 3 centuries). It came first in a recent poll of favourite long lost English words. Meanings include to ‘deceive’ or ‘cheat’ and its popularity at the present time is self-evident. But while deception by politicians is nothing new, modern politics has raised it to vastly more refined and dangerous levels.

Disguise and ambiguity in politics was taken to new lheights by Vladimir Putin in Russia acting on the advice of Vladislav Surkov. Surkov was immersed in modern art where such techniques are commonplace, Used expertly they can create an environment of confusion and this approach has been used by politicians in the UK and US culminating in President T as he now styles himself.

Lesley is making the Christmas cake. There was a time when a family Christmas get together meant having not one but three Christmas cakes made by Lesley, Lesley’s mother and Lesley’s grandmother. It was an almost bizzare case of attempted one-upmanship on the part of mother and grandmother.  This resulted in a very delicate situation as Lesley’s cake was almost invariably superior! The aroma from the kitchen as it bakes is something else!

I prepare for tomorrow’s Rugby Green Party AGM. Central to these are some changes I am proposing to our local party constitution. While I am very familiar with the tactics used by Putin I think I’ll pass them by in this case!!

It is now 3 months since my bladder removal operation. My goodness!