Day 143

Tweeting about the Bach keyboard concerto CD

Social Media has got itself a bad name with trolling, abuse and death threats frequently reported. But this can hide the fact that there are very many positive interactions every day. This morning I tweeted about my admiration of the Bach Keyboard Concerto’s and got an appreciative response from a few followers and a retweet from the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra itself.

Fuelled by Theresa May raising the issue of no Brexit, the media is full of the possibility of a People’s Vote. Some people are arguing that this is betrayal of the 2016 vote in an attempt to ‘undermine the will of the people’. But this is a mistake resulting from a widespread and profound misunderstanding of the nature of democracy itself. A vote in any kind of election tells politicians what to do but not how to do it. This is a much more complex issue and so a People’s Vote, far from subverting the supposed will of the people, is vital so that the population can deliver a verdict on how the Government has gone about the task.

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs I am not a football fan, though I do look out for the results of the teams from my home area, Newport County and Merthyr Town. But this evening I could not resist buying a 24hr .Now TV’ pass so I could watch Wales play Denmark. Once again, however, with Wales falling to a defeat I could have saved my money! The other irony is that I never get much pleasure out of watching any Welsh national team which the game is actually taking place! I always find it too tense. I am not sure what Lao Tzu would have to say about that!

I am planning the most active weekend I’ve undertaken for months, even if it is relaxed by most standards!