Day 142

Forgetting the Rules of sartorial elegance!

Following my bladder removal operation in August the nurses suggested I wear braces rather than a belt on my trousers. I have got used to this arrangement and decided to keep wearing them. In fact I have decided to make a feature of them and have purchased a pair of Welsh flag ones specially for my trip to Cardiff; they arrived today. Not exactly the height of sartorial elegance, but they will most probably not be seen anyway!

I have started posting again from my twitter account. Following the cancer diagnosis way back in June I abandoned social media and I still cannot get up any enthusiasm for resuming my Facebook account.

One thing I will pick up again in my posts is some political stuff. One thing which I found incredible today, for example, was that the Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigned following the publication of the draft withdrawal agreement. You would have thought that he would have been largely responsible for the creation of the document, having at least an oversight role. But apparently not and it turns out that ‘Brexit Secretary’ is largely cosmetic post! A cynical attempt to extend Government power while spending our money on another ministerial salary. No wonder so many folks are cynical about politics.

6:20pm Rugby St Cross Hospital X-Ray Department. There is a certain informality about evening appointments at St Cross when there are fewer patients around and the admin staff have gone home. Having had two previous scans (not including the scary nuclear one!) the process is now becoming familiar.