Day 140

My car back to the garage for some work. The front coil springs have started corroding and need replacing before one of them lets go with potentially serious consequences.

I receive a present from Chris at work. This is a tiny violin crafted in Japan and brought back from his holiday. It is an exquisite piece of work and actually a chopstick stand when laid on its back. The sticks then rest on the fingerboard! What a lovely thought by Chris.

Around lunchtime the post brings an envelope clearly packed with a wedge of paper. It is an appointment for a CT scan which is on Thursday at 6:15pm! Before this I must have a blood test at least 24 hours before the scan. Looking closely the letter was dated 7th November but postmarked 12th – FIVE DAYS to leave the hospital!

Fortunately Lesley is free tomorrow morning so can take me to the Blood Taking Unit. The appointment is somewhat of a surprise as I wasn’t expecting it for a few weeks yet.

Listening to the Bert Jansch CD is a peculiarly comforting experience. He has a great gift for melody allied to a talent for moving lyrics. After about 7 or 8 tracks, the guitar part takes a very prominent part. In fact, even allowing for some less than perfect mastering on some tracks, the vocals have become suspiciously inaudible!

I get up to investigate and find that a wire to a speaker has become dislodged on my ancient stereo. Balance restored I can resume listening to the soulful and at times very personal songs.