Day 139

Listening to a recording of Bach’s Art of Fugue by Rachel Podger and the Brecon Quartet. The all-string performance is restrained and has a kind of delicate brittleness to it compared with other versions I possess.  It takes a little getting used to, but it is definitely growing on me.

Later on I find the old Phil Spector version of Christmas by Darlene Love on Youtube. It seems a peculiar choice of listening, but I always find the piano part towards the end of the song very funny. Clearly the primitive mastering tools available in the early 60s combined with Spector’s ‘Wall of Sound’ approach means that the pianist has to virtually smash up the instrument to be heard at all!

It is a strange time for me at present. Whereas most of the time I feel fine, I am still lacking energy for longer tasks. This means I must still consider what I do and when.

I take a bath – so what you may think. As leave the bathroom, however. I get attacked by Brandi the Cat who is lying in ambush outside the door! I put this down to adding Chamomile and Jasmin Radox to the water. We are used to Domestos and Deep Heat having a psycho effect on our companion, but this is a new one. Fortunately a few words in a stern voice brings a stop to Brandi’s activities.

I order a set of Welsh Dragon braces. I am determined to go to the Millennium (OK, Principality!!) Stadium appropriately attired.