Day 138

Apart from feeling a little stiff, particularly in one leg (the left for some reason), I am otherwise suffering no adverse effects from my longer walk yesterday. This is welcome as today is a big day with the visit from Andrew and Sharon. So more tidying up this morning in a last minute attempt to get the remaining jobs done. It is a losing battle, however, and in our place tidying up is never completed but simply abandoned when we run out of time!

I make some time, though, to listen to two of Bach’s Keyboard Works from my CD by Andreas Staier and the Freiberg Baroque Orchestra.  Well, you have to have a break and some tea at some point. The sheer vibrancy and textural interplay between harpsichord soloist and the accompanying musicians is a delight.

Andrew and Sharon arrive about 1:15, in time for a lunch of corned beef and potato pie which Lesley has made. After lunch Andrew helps with the soldering issues which have been causing me problems. For some time it appears that the problem was not going to recur, but then, suddenly, the solder refuses to behave as it should. It looks, however, that I already have the solution in my possession in the unlikely form of something called a Brass Sponge!

In the by-now tradition of unhealthy eating Lesley and Sharon pop down to Cawston Fish Bar for four sets of chips with fish/battered sausage etc depending on the order.

Andrew and Sharon set off for home at about 9pm and despite my recent progress I slump in a chair quite tired out.