Day 137

In a post a few days ago I threatened to break my promise and write about one of my walks.  So here goes.  Around lunchtime I brave the inclement weather and walk up to the farmhouse outside the village. Unlike last month, this time I walk along with relative ease, including the uphill sections. I cover the distance there and back in 22 minutes (including a break at the destination) which is a full 10 minutes quicker than last time. While feeling a little tired after the exertion it is nothing by comparison to a month ago.

Hopefully there will be no further effects and I can continue getting fitter. Apart from the exercise it provides I love walking along the lanes and bridle paths which surround the village. To think that this lovely countryside is in danger from runaway climate change is appalling.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to Andrew and Sharon spending the day with us. They have put their dog Pippin in a kennels for the weekend for an event on Saturday which they have to attend. This means they can spend more time with us. I need to get stuck into some tidying up!

Finally the reward, I get to watch the Rugby, Wales vs Australia. Well. OK. I would have watched this anyway. With any luck I’ll be down in Cardiff in two weeks time myself to watch Wales play South Africa. The tickets were booked a long time ago before I got the initial cancer diagnosis. It’s always been a little target in my recovery to be able to go to the game and I am hopeful now of doing so. I always love the atmosphere in Cardiff on game day, with the stadium being right in the centre of the city there is really nothing else to compare it with.