Day 136

A big day. Today is the day I take my car to be MOT’d. For the first time in months I need to get up relatively early to get my car to the garage for 9am. I surprise myself by being up and ready to go on time.  Apart from a brief drive in Lesley’s car two weeks ago this is the first time I have driven anywhere, especially on my own, since mid August.

Lesley gives me a lift from the garage into Rugby to pick up some things including a couple of Not Roast mixes I have on order with Holland and Barrett. We get home about 10am and following a couple of chores I settle down to do some work.

I am not looking forward to the phone call from the garage.  Finally they call around 2pm. My car has passed the MOT and they are finishing the service. This is a real surprise as it is fourteen years old and has not been driven for the past three months! But there is other work that needs doing as a result of standing idle combined with the age of the vehicle.

Lesley takes me to the garage about 5:30pm and I arrange to take my car back on Tuesday for some work on the front suspension. I experience a peculiar sense of freedom as I drive home via Halfords to pick up some electrical cable. It may take me a while until I build up to driving longer distances, however, as driving is still liable to tire me out at present.