Day 135

I get to do a load of work free from network problems. That was a nice experience and things are going really well with this at present. The fact that I am able to concentrate on work for a few hours at a time now brings forward the time when I am able to go back to work. This is helped by the fact that I work only 9 miles away from home with a fairly straightforward journey and can park right next to the building.

Hurrah.  Finally get to run a test train on my model railway – if only for one foot! A real sense of achievement. There has been a lot of preparation only to get this far but I am hoping it will pay off as I have lots of components and cable now ready for installation. At least my soldering has been successful! I have also found out that my little Andrew Barclay industrial loco actually runs. Now that I know this part of the track works I can wire the rest of the section and get the train running the length of the board.

In the evening I decide to catch up a little with some politics. The mid-term elections reminds me that it would be interesting to find out what issues are bothering Senator Bernie Sanders in the United States. I have a lot of respect for the ex-Presidential candidate and find his approach to problems of equality and social justice to be an effective one, focussing on oligarchies as opposed to a class based analysis which can be unhelpful and exclusive.