Day 134

Woke up to the news bulletin. The outcome of the US Midterm elections is clearer. It appears that the result was indeed that the Democrats did as well as they expected if not as well as they hoped. It seems that they face the same problems as progressive (as far as mainstream US politics can be) parties in other countries. They are struggling to persuade many people to vote for them despite widespread dissatisfaction with their conservative opponents..

2:45pm Birmingham Midland Eye Centre.  I have to undergo a test to determine whether my field of vision is not impaired before seeing (no pun) a consultant. Before last summer, high ocular pressure was the health concern which bothered me most.  Bladder cancer put that into perspective! But it is still a nuisance I have to put up with the hospital appointments as left unchecked it can result in Glaucoma and blindness. But the difference is stark.  While the optical medics take ages to make a decision and fiddle with my medication, the cancer medics acted immediately. A direct result of the conditions they are treating.

I have decided that I will change my blog postings from the 1st December. I’ll stop posting every day in favour of thinking about specific issues which I face, not just post cancer but more generally. I may even dip my toe back into social media since I abandoned it completely after my cancer diagnosis. I’ll do a little tweeting, while avoiding Facebook with which I really struggle.