Day 132

I am trying to develop a structure to my week which reflects a working pattern. So as the weekend is over and it is now Monday I get stuck into working from home in the afternoon and manage 4 hours before I have to give up. This shows that I am recovering some stamina and energy. The other give-away is that I am often feeling hungry meaning that I am placing greater demands on my metabolism. The problem is that I need to avoid putting on weight!

The puzzling soldering problem with a contaminated tip is still ongoing. I have searched the internet for solutions to the problem in vain. This is really getting frustrating so I call my brother to see what equipment he successfully uses. Unfortunately it appears that he got his stuff from Maplin’s which is now defunct! I have learned much about life from studying the Tao te Ching, but it is sadly silent on troubleshooting soldering problems! I guess Lao Tzu would countenance patience.

I watch a programme on Channel Four presenting the results of a poll on Brexit. Tediously they yet again include Nigel Farage. Amazing! He is like a political barnacle which we cannot shake off. Caroline Lucas hits the bail on the head by saying that whatever the outcome we need to address the underlying disaffection which was a contributor to the Leave vote. Absolutely right. We need to finally deal with the consequences of de-industrialization.

I am still considering how to evolve my blog.  My thought is to reduce the number of postings giving more time to develop ideas. The overall approach is important. Am I doing a kind of diary, or a reflective journal or something entirely different?