Day 131

I persuade Lesley to drive me out to B and Q and Halfords to pick up the parts I need for the model railway. The B and Q part was easy but it appeared that half of Coventry were trying to crowd onto the little trading estate where Halfords was located.

I get everything I need apart from a terrifically named Archimedes Drill. This is a drill about the size of a small torch which when pressed down converts the movement into rotation allowing fine scale drilling.

OK, I’m going to break my promise and mention my afternoon walk. Once again it is to the Brook and I feel good with a faster pace. It is late afternoon and with low cloud it is typically late autumn – November, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, as the saying goes. So next weekend it’s back to my nemesis – the farmhouse! I may even mention that in this blog – you have been warned.

In the evening I do some tidying up, including shredding some old Rugby Green Party documents which, annoyingly, should have been destroyed by others years ago! I have now done so. Of all chores I find tidying up the worst.

Online I find a NASA video where an engineer describes the steps a probe will take in the next few weeks to land safely on Mars. I am aware of how they do it, but I still watch. As I mentioned in a post when I went to see the film First Man, I find space exploration compelling.