Day 130

I start to lay track on my model railway and quickly realise that I am lacking some essential parts and materials. Its amazing that no matter how prepared I think I am to do something,  I still lack components when the time comes to do the job!

A real couch potato day watching two rugby matches; Wales vs Scotland kicking off at 2:45pm followed by the Connacht against the Newport Dragons at 5:15pm. The first match is the more exciting, being competitive until the last 20 minutes with the added bonus that the right team won! The second match was more predictable with Connacht effectively running away with the match before half time. So the wrong team won. Such is the vicariousness of life.

I have been thinking about whether I should update my wardrobe with some new clothes.  This is partly due to adapting to the requirements of my post-operation life and partly because I feel like it.

The Robert Harris book is not holding my attention so I decide to leave it and come back to it at another time. I find this with books; I read a few chapters and occasionally set them aside to return at a later date when for some reason they interest me. Instead I decide to have a go at a book bought for me as a gift by my work colleagues, The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry. This is set in mid-nineteenth century Edinburgh during the time of the medical body-snatching scandal and the start is pretty lively!