Day 127

More online Christmas shopping, this time something for Lesley. I actually find something within a few minutes of looking. Normally it takes me weeks to find something I think may be suitable!

I have also spotted a new Bert Jansch CD Just a Simple Soul. This is a retrospective collection which contains some interesting material.  I don’t listen to much folk music but I have a few Jansch tracks and appreciate his soulful, highly lyrical songwriting and mellow vocals. It will certainly be a change from my Bach listening which will be good for me.

In the evening I upload a large file to the servers where I work.  It takes a couple of hours to complete and a sober reminder of how slow is our broadband speed. A drag on working from home.

For some reason I am feeling a little drained today.  Nowhere near the level of the acute fatigue which has fortunately abated but enough to slow me a little.

I start reading Harris’s The Fear Index. The start is also unusual, more akin to a Len Deighton novel than the thoughtful slow build-up of Harris’s historical works.

Halloween, but fortunately we are not disturbed. Now only the celebration of violent religious extremism on November 5th to negotiate! Typical that in Britain we celebrate awful events rather than occasions which advanced our liberty as in France or the USA.  One might also think that our historical narrative is distorted by the establishment. Who would think such a thing!