Day 125

We travel home and the journey is much better than the one a few days ago in the reverse direction. Just a few minor delays and the whole journey, including a break took little more than four and a half hours. The only problem was Brandi the Cat deciding to miaow for about the first hundred miles! Normally she just does it for the first 20 to 30 until we get to the motorway but on this occasion she decided to inform us of her displeasure for much longer. Fortunately she gives it a rest after our service station stop!

We long ago decided that making Brandi travel in her basket for hours on end was a bit cruel.  So we bought her a harness which attaches to a short lead and which, in turn, plugs into the seat belt anchor point. This gives her the ability to move about the back seat a little without interfering with the driver and being restrained in the event of an accident. Her normal position is to lie in the middle of the car between with one paw wedged between the centre console and a seat so she can hang on!

We are all glad to be home, including Brandi who does her usual inspection of the house following a period of absence! But while we were away the weather was unseasonably cool so the house is going to take a little while warming up again.