Day 123

The temperature has fallen and here in the north east a light snowfall occurred in the early morning. The sun still has some strength and the snow has mainly gone by late morning. Even up here on the Co Durham-Northumberland border October snow is uncommon.

An Austerity saddle tank ready to go

We visit Tanfield Railway but they are holding a Halloween event. Nevertheless I get time in the wonderful old engine shed and to see one of their 1943 industrial Austerity saddle tanks in action.

In early August we visited Tanfield and I promised myself that I would return just as soon as I was able after the operation. It was a little target for my recovery and I have achieved just that.

The ever-atmospheric Tanfield Railway shed

I discover that Andreas Staier has also recorded the Goldberg variations on the lovely harpsichord with the 16 inch strings.

I finish Munich by Robert Harris. It wasn’t my absolute favourite of his but I still enjoyed it immensely. I can’t quite put my finger on why I found it less absorbing than his other work. For some reason the main protagonists were less believable than in his other novels. He made the background events of the September 1938 Munich Conference fascinating but the actual plot line became perfunctory.