Day 122

A good night’s sleep and I wake feeling refreshed and relaxed. I guess it had something to do with the long tedious journey yesterday but It’ll probably take a few days to get over it completely. As there is little planned for the next few days there is no problem.

A lazy morning before we take my mother-in-law out to do some shopping.  I tag along for something to do, despite my dislike for soulless Tesco Supermarkets. The identikit stores mean there is little to identify just where you are.

I start Christmas shopping, a little later this year than in previous years, for obvious reasons. But with the internet it is possible to catch up quickly! I have some ideas, but normally I like to get something personal and unusual for my relatives. In the end I often have to ask if there is anything they really want – I’m not THAT imaginative.

I order the J.S. Bach keyboard concertos. These are the ones I mentioned in an earlier blog played by Andreas Staier on a wonderful Harpsichord, accompanied by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Whatever music I am listening to, there is always some room for Bach. But at the moment it is pretty much all I am listening to. The CD is something to look forward to when we get back to Rugby.