Day 120

A walk to Railway Street and almost the whole of Main Street. It took me 11 minutes, slowly increasing the pace as I go.  But enough of this…

I also head out to the local Co-op to buy some Emery Boards intended for nail care. This is one of the few times you’ll find me looking in the health and beauty section! The reason is that I could not find my emery cloth to try and clean up my soldering iron tip. I read somewhere of somebody who had used nail emery boards to good effect.

In the end I get distracted by work and domestic stuff and don’t get around to using the emery boards. One side of the board has a coarse surface and the other side a fine so I get a choice. I try them on my nails and they are very good!

I am aware that I have not even started thinking about Christmas yet. I normally start looking out for unusual gifts early and take my time. I have, however, had other things to think about this autumn! But I have some ideas and I can get going now.

Work is going well, though doing more than 2 hours is tiring and I need to rest afterwards. Stamina and building energy reserves will be the long tail of recovery.