Day 119

The weather has turned chilly but I make the last mowing of the lawns in an attempt to give the new grass the best start. It appears as though I am actually starting to succeed with shorter green lawn grass starting to recover. The lawn took a beating during the long hot and dry weather especially as I was distracted and spent little time tending to it.

I complete the model railway baseboards and it is surprisingly stable. I need, however, to adjust the leg stays as the rods do not actually remain in the eyes! The only answer is to remove the stays and eyes and rotate them though a gravity defying 90 degrees. Unfortunately the mountings are not exactly square so I have to bore some new holes. Well, the quicker I get started the quicker I’ll finish.

On Thursday we travel up to Consett in Co Durham to visit Lesley’s aging mother for a few days. I need to think about a load of extra packing on this occasion. It will be good experience for the future. Lesley will do the driving but I am not looking forward to sitting in the same position for hours at a time.