Day 118

I am now into the routine of working from home and apart from a few annoyances caused by having to reboot the hub, it is going well. My broadband connection is a little slow, but planning ahead I can download or upload resources while working on other areas. The project I am working on is already in demand from our partners so it’s nice that we should get an early payback.

I spend some time in the garden getting rid of some perennial weeds and trimming back shrubs. My gardening is not very subtle and mostly resembles a United Nations intervention! My aim is to chop back the plants to stop them killing each other and establish some daylight as a kind of De-Militarized Zone! It’s not like this on Gardeners World (or so I understand!)

After talking over how things have changed for us as a couple during the past few days Lesley and myself have cleared the air. In many ways we are very different people and his is a strength of our relationship. That is something we value but an occasional reset is needed!

The marketing for Halloween is now everywhere. It is a time I hate, seeing no sense in celebrating an ignorant, oppressive past where people (mostly women) were burned or drowned for being different! What a little killjoy I am – I have the same opinion of Bonfire Night!