Day 116

I hear a version of Bach’s keyboard sonatas played on a harpsichord accompanied by a chamber orchestra of only 11 musicians (Freiburg Baroque Orchestra). BBC Radio 3 CD review at first played a few piano versions accompanied by symphony orchestras before playing the harpsichord version. After the anodyne, bloated and sometimes over-elaborate piano renditions the harpsichord version exploded out of my little radio speaker.  Wow! I am smitten.

The texture of the accompaniment reflects the harpsichord much more closely than on piano and it all makes sense. It appears that this is the version which customers to Zimmer’s Coffee House in Leipzig in the early part of the eighteenth century may have heard. With Bach at the harpsichord! Imagine that! That’s what I CALL live music.

I walk to the brook. I have decided to try walking longer distances again.  I appear to have suffered absolutely no ill effects. But I may still wait a few weeks before the longer walk to the farmhouse.

I go to the movies to see First Man, a biopic about Neil Armstrong. It seems a bit fragmented, which is fine for me as I know the story.  But just what people who were unfamiliar with the events would make of it, I’m not too sure. But I am pleased that I survived the experience and happy to be going out to the movies again.

I have found that Mike Leigh’s film Peterloo goes on general release on 2nd Nov but can find nowhere showing it. Typical of the bloody local multiplexes around here. It was the same as I, Daniel Blake. Anything which takes even a remotely radical view of society is avoided at all costs.