Day 115

A knock at the front door at 7:40am . It is a delivery from Fittleworth who supply my stoma equipment. Lesley actually responds faster than me and gets out of bed and down to the front door in double quick time. So this is another one I owe her.  I’m sure she is keeping a tally of all these instances! The box is large and contains all the things I need for at least a month.

Some of the stuff they supply, however, comes from the Netherlands. The question is whether the mix of deadheads and chinless posh boy wonders who seem intent on screwing up Brexit will affect what has become a crucial element of my life.

I do some gardening. The weather remains fairly warm and bright so getting out in the air is terrific. So far it has been an unusually dry and warm autumn.  It cannot last, though I remember one some time ago when it lasted almost until the end of November.  That was the year when a stray Brandi the Cat decided to move in with us.

I get a letter about my next appointment, 23rd January. Before then, however I’ll need to have blood tests and a CT scan. It seems like the medics are going to keep a very close eye on me over the next few years.