Day 113

I am working from home. Using an Instant Messaging (Skype) system I can exchange thoughts, ideas and jokes with my colleague, Ash in real time. This makes it easier and more pleasurable. In some ways I can actually get more done working from my living room when Lesley is out and all is quiet.

The acute fatigue which has bedevilled me since the operation is less of a problem tonight. The idea that it may finally be easing is a real morale booster.  So may evenings after about 7:30-8:00pm have been lost in a haze of a kind of half-life between waking and unconscious. To regain a whole part of the day will open up a range of activities once again.

I am thinking about the purpose of this blog. It started out life as a record of my experience being diagnosed with bladder cancer. Then, following the bladder removal operation I could detail how I handled the turbulent weeks and months at the start of the long period of recovery.  Now that I am entering the latter stages of recuperation I going to need things beyond how much of the lawns I’ve mowed and how far I’ve walked. I may even need to rethink my habit of titling the entries as the number of days since the cancer diagnosis. Transition periods are always tricky.