Day 112

I spend part of the day continuing to work on the model railway baseboard structure. Just the leg supporting stays to secure and I can test it out. Hopefully it will be stable as it will be quite tall but not very wide.  It may need some extra support.

6:30pm University Hospital, Coventry, Consulting Area 4.  An appointment with consultant. As I wait I feel the stress building.  Finally I am called in by one of the urology nurses I first me before the operation in August. The consultant  tells me that cancer was found in other tissue they removed during the operation. But as it was taken out and no cancer was found in the lymph nodes this is actually excellent news. The relief is tremendous, no chemotherapy is required and my next appointment will be in 3 months.

7:45pm Green Party meeting. Due to the agenda I am able to make little contribution to proceeding which is not a big problem for me. Nevertheless, by 8:30 I am starting to feel fatigued so I make an excuse and Lesley brings me home.

I come home and listen to the second half of the Wales v Ireland football commentary on the BBC Radio Wales website. A 1-0 victory for Wales.  Hurrah!