Day 111

The luxury of an almost uninterrupted night’s sleep. I don’t really wake up until 8am rather than the more usual 5:30-6:00am. Hopefully this marks another step forward in my recovery.

A walk to the bridge over the railway line, a round trip distance of about a quarter of a mile from my home. This is a good compromise allowing me to walk quite quickly without requiring a lot of stamina.

I am working on the model railway baseboards. I need to go back to complete some basic work on the structure of the model railway which I did not get a chance to finish before the operation. One of the downsides of my operation moving from the end of August to the 19th. Set against the upsides, however……!!

I start working from home by testing out and downloading from the company servers materials I need for a current project. It takes an age with a relatively slow Broadband speed where I live. But eventually it completes and I am ready to go tomorrow. Amazingly the authoring software I need works flawlessly. It’ll not last.

I start to actively plan to go to the movies.  A few practical issues to resolve before next weekend, but nothing insurmountable.