Day 110

Eight Weeks since my bladder removal operation.

We go to the recycling centre to dump off the old mattresses and take some old batteries, bulbs and a few other dead items. We go in the early afternoon and incredibly there is no queue.  We park up, dump off the mattresses and are home in double quick time. Maybe everyone goes on Sunday morning!

Steve my boss emails me with some ideas for starting to work from home. It is a continuation of a project I had to abandon when my operation took place.  This is good for me as I will start work slowly on something I am familiar with.

I make a few phone calls to catch up with friends.

In a now rare occurrence I suffer a bag leak. I knew there was a weakness at one point but I did not think it was significant. Turns out it was! I have learned something.

My friend Phil tells me about the release of Mike Leigh’s Peterloo which is apparently imminent. The film recounts the appalling events of August 1819 when a protest by ordinary people rallying to hear speeches in support of greater democracy and poverty alleviation were charged by the local yeomanry resulting in the death and mutilation of protesters.  It was commemorated in one of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley’s most famous poems Mask of Anarchy. A great read.