Day 109

I am at the point where I can think about driving again. As the medics said when I asked them some weeks ago, it is as much about my psychological state as my physical state. How capable do I feel, how alert do I feel, can I be confident of reacting quickly in an emergency? I’ll ask Lesley if I can go out in her driving school car which has dual controls.

As a professional she should be able to decide whether I am ready or not.  It is now almost two months since I last drove so I anticipate being a bit rusty. After that I need to arrange an MOT for my car which has now expired.

The Newport Dragons are playing in Rumania so no coverage of the game. This is not too much of a problem as the game is likely to be one sided with the Dragons actually holding the upper hand for a change. On the other hand, that may have been a novelty!

I’ve decided to give up on the emails today and think about other things. Pointless emails just annoy people anyway!

There is still no discharge from my drain and I am cautiously optimistic that this time it will heal without further issue. That will be another little post-op irritation out of the way.