Day 108

A walk – this time the Main Street loop around the village.  I do this faster than before (a whole 24 secs!) so the heart rate and breathing get a bit of a work out.  I am happy making my system work a little harder as long as I do not go for too long and start to hit my stamina. At some point I shall start to try my longer walks again – maybe next weekend.

My legs are feeling definitely stronger and I am able to stride out now rather than simply shuffling along. I had forgotten what such a feeling was like, and it helps build confidence as well. One thing this operation has done for me; made me appreciate many simple things which we take for granted!

The drain has dried up and the wound is healing over nicely again. This is great news and may indeed be tied up with feeling better generally. Lesley helps me by redressing the area, but it is possible it’ll not be required. But as it reopened I am taking no chances.

More emails announcing to the world that I am still alive. Though it may just be that some of the recipients may wish otherwise! What a gloomy thought. Oh well, a more positive thought will be along any moment.