Day 107

Another unremarkable day, which in terms of my recovery is a good thing! ‘Uneventful’ as the medics put it. I continue working at my emails, but get few responses. It was ever thus!

When I turn to doing some more electrical work on my model railway I find that the new tip has gone exactly the same way as the old one. What a nuisance. I rack my brains to try and think what the common denominator would be.  No plastic anywhere near this tip.

Then it occurs to me that I have used the same sponge to wipe off excess solder. What if the sponge is not wet enough and depositing a small amount of material on the tip? This seems entirely plausible so I shall try dampening the sponge more in future. Some expert solderers said that it took them months to master the dark art so I am going to be patient. Now that’s a first!

In the evening I listen to the radio football commentary of Wales versus Spain on the BBC Wales website. The acute fatigue largely holds off and I am able to follow most of the match. The 4-1 defeat, however, means that it may have been better if I had fallen asleep!!

I prefer local radio station commentary to the national stations such as Radio 5. I actually enjoy the biased approach, even if it is against the team I am supporting! A little enthusiasm and passion is always welcome.