Day 106

An unremarkable day in many ways. I mow the lawns and continue with sending some business-kind emails.

I am still not able to mow both the lawns at one go (despite them not being very big) but I am getting further each time. My abdominal muscles are lasting longer before starting to ache, indicating they are improving fast. I still rely on Lesley to actually lift the machine in and out of the shed.

The acute fatigue which continues to affect me has started to become more variable. Sometimes it starts later, sometimes doesn’t last as long or is not as severe. I take this as a good sign. The fatigue starting to lift will be a terrific bonus, actually allowing me to do some things in the evening. At the moment my day is compressed as it takes me a while to get going in the morning.

Lesley says that she has noticed an increased energy after Monday’s outing. I’m not sure whether it was Monday specifically or the returning energy in general.

There is an article on the internet about a controversy surrounding a newly released film First Man. This tells the story about Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon with Apollo 11. This is an enormously appealing film for me and it occurs to me I haven’t been to the movies for ages. Sounds like I’m just about ready to give it a shot!