Day 105

I get an early morning phone call from my Consultant’s Secretary at the Hospital to say that my appointment is being moved back by exactly a week. It is mildly annoying but I have no major problems at this point. It does give me extra time to feel stronger in the evening and make the consultation worthwhile. I think, though, that the postponement is indicative of the increased strain on the NHS which this group of incompetent politicians seem determined to ignore.

I go for a short walk. I am trying to make these shorter distance walks faster. This means I give my cardiovascular system a quick work out but not impact my stamina. This seems to be working as my energy levels continue to improve. The discharge from the reopened drain has slackened quite considerably and I am hoping it will soon stop altogether. It will be nice if this is a one-off and that is the end of it.

I start getting back into emails and I feel ready to start working from home.  I am feeling stronger and email my work colleagues with an offer to start with just a short while very day before building up the hours as strength and energy allow. It will be nice to feel part of wider activity again.