Day 104

It is Lesley’s birthday so we go for an afternoon out. I try out a device which allows me to extend the length of time I can go without emptying my urine bag. We meet Andrew and Sharon at the Yellow Brick Café in Moreton in the Marsh, a lovely Cotswold village slightly less than an hour’s drive away.

This is a very important day for me. One of the issues raised by the medical staff before the operation was the psychological work needed to feel confident again in social environments. So it is with a certain trepidation that we set out on the drive down the Fosse to the Costwolds.

The Yellow Brick is a lovely little café and aside from some interesting main meals (I have lamb in a wrap with a terrific sauce) they specialize in wonderful Gelato ice creams. As usual the conversation is good and we have a great time.

By the time we return home my bag starts to leak. This is caused by the add-on capacity which extends the length of the bag.  This will have to be solved before I get much further but there are alternatives to try.  I have had a good day and the leaking bag has not hit my morale, despite me having to put most of my clothes in for washing again! I feel more confident that I can operate effectively once more in society. More work to be done, however, and the next few weeks will improve things.