Day 103

I mow the lawns and do some general tidying up around the house. It is still the case that Lesley has to lift the machine in and out of the shed but I am now able to mow an increasingly large area of the lawns.

It is now 7 weeks since the operation. They have been a rough 7 weeks and the medical staff were right; there are good days and there are bad days. Now, however, the number of good days is starting to outweigh the bad. I just have to keep this going!

Specifically, things are starting to improve since the real low point last Monday. It has been a long crawl out of the pit to a point where I have more energy and more confidence to do things. With the energy and confidence comes a more positive mental attitude which is good for everyone around me!

As a result, no long walk today as I have decided to give them a rest for a few weeks until the stamina builds.

Lesley changes the dressing on the drain wound and we find that there has been a lot of discharge, This would be expected if it is the result of a build up of fluid which was not released earlier. It is like a dam bursting. But this means that the fluid should dissipate quickly. We shall see, fingers crossed.