Day 102

PC World/Carphone Warehouse is incredibly annoying. Yesterday I tried and failed to buy a gift card online. So I give up and Lesley takes me to the store today. It is little better with a disinterested assistant initially unable to comprehend my request (I asked for a ‘token’ instead of a ‘card’!). I feel the whole interaction would have failed the Turing test and I would have judged him to be a machine!

Then on to the centre of soulless life. Tesco. The problem is that, like Sainsbury, it has what I need in one place and I have neither the energy nor mental capacity to hunt around smaller shops at this time.

We return hope and I feel drained. Even visiting a few shops is a tiring experience. But after a brief rest I recover some energy quite quickly. This recovery rate is in itself an indication of improvement.

In the evening I watch the Rugby. An old derby, Newport Dragons vs Cardiff Blues; life has improved. It is surprising how, despite the number of players bought in from outside these days, local derbies are still very keenly fought. Maybe it’s the enthusiasm transmitted from the stands to the pitch.