Day 101

I have an almost normal sleep pattern overnight–though accompanied by a bizarre dream about a map I recognise the map as being of old Tredegar, used as the back cover of a book I bought recently. Just what I was trying to do with it is anybody’s guess! But that is the nature of strange dreams with their distorted unconscious symbols.

I go out for a walk, along Middle Street. I dawdle too much and it is not a particularly fast walk. But at least I did it. I feel better for getting out in the fresh air – or what passes for fresh air where I live with motorways, cement works etc!

My drain reopens in a sudden manner and wets my clothes. This is distressing but it appears there is another location in my lower body which has not drained properly. Lesley redresses it for me and I resign myself to it being there for a while longer. I wonder if this is a contributory factor in feeling unwell this week.

I receive a letter about my consultant appointment which is at the unusual time of 7:10 on Tuesday. At least I know they haven’t forgotten me. Its nice to be wanted!!