Day 100

Day 100 – a century of days since receiving the cancer diagnosis. Its still, however, less than a third of a year. It seems so may days, yet such as short time for so many things to have happened to me. Just show the way in which the mind has problems grasping even a ‘simple’ concept such as time (with apologies for all those philosophers and scientists since Zeno and Aristotle who have wrestled with the topic for over 2000 years).

Slowly day by day I am regaining some strength. Today I get out to mow the lawns again.  I get round them slowly, but again I cannot finish the job. Nevertheless they are starting to improve.

In the evening I try to manage the acute fatigue to allow me a chance to see the BBC programme on Placebos. I just about make it – which means the fatigue must have been less virulent than usual. I think it is merely luck, though as I don’t really have much control over it.

We get called late today with the results of Brandi’s blood test. Fortunately the vet reports that nothing abnormal has been discovered. It leaves us with the uncertainty as to whether the lack of balance and fit was just a one off or whether there is a deeper cause.