Day 98

The new mattress was very good, and I get up without any backache. Being much thicker it is also easier for me to get in and out of bed! If only I had the mattress a month ago.

The lack of energy is still severe today. A little improvement, however, just enough for me to get out for a walk but I am most careful not to overdo it. But my recovery is very slow.  I wonder if there is an underlying cause for my malaise – surely overdoing it on Sunday is not enough to explain this wiped out state.

No hospital appointment from the consultation yet. This the end of the sixth week following the operation so if I have nothing by Friday I’ll be chasing it up.

Brandi seems none the worse for wear after her sedation yesterday and is giving us grief as normal! Here balance seems to have completely returned and she has lost the need to try and look in every nook and cranny in the house! That must have been the result of insecurity caused by the sedative. I am just hoping that whatever the diagnosis it does not involve much intrusive treatment! Hopefully we should know tomorrow.