Day 97

Lesley is taking Brandi to the vets for her blood test and I said I would go along for support. I struggle to get up with almost no energy but somehow manage to dress. At the last minute I feel dizzy in the bathroom and fearing that Lesley will have me to look after I tell her I am staying behind.

A completely wrecked day! It is awful. In most respects it is like being thrown back a month to an earlier state of recovery. As well as dizziness, I sometimes feel sickly and am unable to move from the chair.

This lasts all day.  If this really is punishment for overdoing it yesterday then it is brutal and unrelenting.

Worst of all, I feel I let Lesley down, though she is grateful that I didn’t put her in a difficult position. Predictably, Brandi was uncooperative and tried to break the record for the most number of fingers and hands bitten or scratched in one hour. The only result is to sedate her for the blood test, so Lesley leaves her with the vet.

On a brighter note the new mattresses arrived. They feel much thicker and more supportive than the old ones.

Finally, later in the afternoon Lesley fetches Brandi from the vets. But she is very groggy and insists on staggering around as if in a drunken state!