Day 96

I wake feeling pretty positive, though the night was not a good one for me. The usual stuff of waking early and not being able to get back to sleep. I guess it could be because I am sleeping for a couple of hours during rest periods throughout the day. Maybe these are being subtracted from the night, especially with the fact that my activity levels are still quite low.

Today I am going to have another go at walking to the farm outside my village.  I am feeling stronger and more capable than when I attempted the walk two weeks ago. I am hoping this time it can help build a little stamina.

Lesley comes with me and we set out at a reasonable, but not fast, pace. The day is overcast and breezy and cool enough to make me wish I’d worn a long sleeve shirt. But I warn up as I move along. The outgoing up hill does not appear to cause me too much trouble and we stroll along the curvrs to the viewing point. There is nowhere to sit and rest so we soon set off back.

We return home and I slump in the chair. Although it hasn’t felt like it this has drained more of my energy than expected. This is a little worrying.

Six weeks since the operation and maybe I’ve pushed it too far again.