Day 94

I went for a walk along the shorter route today through the park gates.  I was aiming to go a little faster. To my delight I found that almost normal walking pace was possible and walked around in no time with no feeling of being stressed. On that basis, the walk to the farmhouse is on for Sunday. But as a much longer walk, stamina will be as important as anything.

On the flip side was working on my railway.  I decided that as I needed to wait for parts I would get on with the structure and finally fix up the legs which I was unable to complete before the operation.  I get my stuff together and started to fit the last hinge on the leg for mounting on the underside of the baseboard. After 15 minutes and the hinge only half complete I was forced to lie down.  What wiped me out was not the physical exertion of lifting wood or tightening screws but bending.  After a short while of bending in different directions both my abdominal and back muscles were shouting ‘enough’! I decided to not overdo things but go for a lie down. Just shows how much time its going to take to rebuild core strength.