Day 91

Today is a nice steady day of achievement. After a slow start I get out for a walk, an approximately 500 yds circuit of some nearby village streets. I try to keep the pace up and I return this time not only with a raised heart rate but breathing a little more heavily. Things are improving.  I am cautiously thinking about having another go at the walk to the farmhouse which so knocked me out 2 weeks ago. Now I reckon I might be OK with it. See how the next few days go.

I complete the soldering of the pointwork for my model railway. Only 3 done but I’ve completed them and the wires have stayed attached! Now is the time for ordering the switching mechanisms which I do using the gift tokens my work colleagues sent to me. Over the next few days I’ll check the electrical integrity of what I have done so far. No sense in installing it all just to have to take it all up again!

Lesley is out at a meeting this evening so I will get dinner for myself for the first time in weeks.  I make it easy on myself by simply heating a Ginster’s pasty and frying some chips. So, yes, simple, unsophisticated and unhealthy it may be, but I achieved it and it tasted all the better for it!! Small steps but a gathering pace. But, no. Mr Tzu, I am not getting ahead of myself as I know there may well be more bumps and setbacks ahead!