Day 90

At present in my world, today is a busy day of sorts. First the Ringtons Tea man arrives. We had been out of stock for more than a week and the possibility of tea using one of Rington’s loose leaf blends is almost impossible to bear! Don’t believe the hype about Yorkshire tea, it is very ordinary compared to Northumberland Tea. Up in the far north live the boys and girls who know how to blend the sacred leaf!

Next arrives the aerial repair man.  The aerial has been dodgy since before my operation but 2 weeks ago it collapsed completely. Since we have not had the TV on at all it was left up to a neighbour to inform us!

The whole system is so old he replaces everything, including the pole and cable. We discover he also helps his wife sell biodegradable objects such as coffee cups from rice! Now this starts me thinking about presentations and link ups with the Green Party.

I get on with some more soldering on my railway. My technique is still very rickety and some of my work will need testing! Afterwards I feel sore and realise that sitting bolt upright has put a load on my core muscles which have started to ache.  I will need to build these back up.  I go for a lie down to rest them.

In the evening the fatigue is not quite so bad so I make myself a small beer/ginger beer shandy. Hmm, nice.