Day 88

I lie in bed longer than intended this morning listening to CD review on the radio.  The music of choice is Ralph Vaughan Williams On Wenlock Edge, of which I have a couple of versions.  This music which features a male tenor voice has become more important to me in recent years.  This followed the discovery that my grandfather, Richard, sang tenor, normally with the local male voice choir and occasionally as soloist.  My grandfather died many years before I was born and my dad did not speak much about him to us. I wondered if the pain of his loss at a young age was still keen with my dad to the end (he had lost his mum when he was very young). The discovery did answer one question.  My dad was never much into music, but if a tenor came on the radio he would instantly identify the vocalist from the voice, much as I many do with a saxophone player.  So I wonder what my grandad made of On Wenlock Edge, if anything!

I go for a walk to Bailey’s Lane a round trip of about 250 yards. Again my heart rate is slightly elevated but I have enjoyed the exercise.  Perhaps I’ll think about a little circuit of part of the village next. There are loads of routes to choose from.

Once again Premier Sports have let me down and are not showing the Newport Dragons gave until 9:45pm. So I watch live on the welsh language channel S4C instead. I don’t understand much of the commentary being an anglophone Welshman, and it is about the only regret of my life that I did not take the opportunity to learn this lovely language when young.

My stoma bag lasts another 48 hours and I get to change it at my leisure.