Day 86

I have a better nights sleep and with little disturbance sleep until 5:30am. I get a drink and sleep in fits and starts until 7am.

I get up and while I am still a little dizzy and heavy headed I am better than yesterday. Lesley checks my temperature and it has returned to normal. This is encouraging as it means my immune system has fought this one off rather than having to have the help of antibiotics as two weeks ago.  Way to go immune system!!

I go for a walk. This time a little further along the road, so maybe about 250 yards in total.  The pace is good and I am happy.

One of the things which may be blighting my sleep is the age of the mattress. So a new one is sensible and duly ordered.  The only problem is the delivery time and it may take up to 10 days to arrive.

Once again I have the luxury of deciding just when I change my stoma bag. There have been some hard lessons but maybe this is what this recovery time is partly about.

It is approaching five weeks since the operation and I am scheduled to have a meeting with the consultant between four and six weeks.  I have received no notification yet but I hope the Royal Mail does not screw things up again.  I check both my phones for messages.