Day 85

A disastrous night. Not one but two bag leaks. I get little sleep. Surprisingly, my morale has not dropped as I am confronted with a simple reality: sort it out or be housebound for the rest of my life. That’s it!

In the long sleepless hours of the remainder of the early morning I start to think about what is going wrong. I have worked out an idea of what is going wrong a plan so it is now a case of testing a solution.

I feel unwell this morning, tired, lethargic and a little sicky.  At first I put it down to the sleepless night but when it doesn’t clear I suspect something is wrong.  Dejectedly I tell Lesley that I am going backwards, something is wrong and I need help. This naturally alarms her,

The early evening arrives and finds me feeling very cold, huddled beneath some clothes. Lesley immediately suspects another bug and gets out the thermometer. My temperature is way over 38c and I take some paracetamol.  I’ll see where I am in a few hours.

In the meantime I feel cold and then start to sweat profusely.  I go upstairs to lie down. The sweating gets worse and then starts to fade. After about an hour or two my temperature feels normal as if a fever has broken.  I am also feeling better. Not exactly energetic but enough that my mood is lighter and I can move around.  We decide to check my temperature again in the morning and call the surgery if necessary.