Day 84

The worst night’s sleep for weeks. I am almost glad when Lesley’s alarm goes off at about 6am! I stay in bed, not fully awake yet not really dozing. Lesley goes out at about 8:15.  I lay in bed for a while until I hear my phone ringing in the distance. Blast, I left it downstairs. By the time I pull myself together, drag myself off the bed and sit unsteadily while the blood rushes from my head the caller rings off. I notice that I am unusually tired this morning and when I stand up I have a light-headed sensation which on occasion nearly turns to dizziness.

I make it to the bathroom, have a wash and shave and head downstairs to get my phone. Back upstairs I return to bed and decide to lie down for an hour.

Lesley comes home and I am feeling a little better. Not right, just better. I get dressed, check my phone and notice that it is a Private Number. The stoma nurses, I bet. One of the annoying characteristics of my phone is that it does not tell me if a voicemail has been left. On the offchance I check and find that I have been offered an appointment at the clinic for 2:30pm on Wednesday and they will call back later.

By lunchtime, which was late, my dizziness had passed, though I was still feeling unusually tired.

I make a couple of essential phone calls and make a start on soldering the electrics on my railway.  I have not soldered for literally decades so my first attempt was tidy and hamfisted, but it worked. I retired for a lie down. a happy bunny.