Day 83

A really slow morning and I am struggling to get myself going.  It must still be the effect of yesterday’s long walk.  I finally pull myself together and decide to change my bag.  This one has been on for two days and the fact that once again I am changing it out of choice no necessity is building confidence. I must be starting to do things right again

I go for a much shorter walk, although at a slightly faster pace. About 150yds in less than 4 minutes is enough to just get the heart rate a little elevated. I return home slightly out of breath but happy.

I call to book in at a Rugby St Cross stoma clinic. I end up with a voicemail so leave a message. Ill see if the system works.

I give my brother a call as he is anxious to pay me a visit. We chat for a long time ranging over many topics, often just picking up where a conversation ended a few weeks ago! That’s the advantage of knowing someone well for so many years! We pencil in Friday as a day for himself and Sharon to visit. Really something to look forward to as I finally feel up to visitors.

I am working my way through the early chapters of Harris’s Munich. I like the way he splits the action between London and Berlin showing action and reaction. Likewise the dysfunctional private life of his British protagonist is intriguingly mirrored in the dysfunctional state of international relations during the Autumn of 1938. Harris clearly shows how unprepared Britain is for war and the limited range of PM Chamberlain’s scope of action.